Explorations in Casa de Piatră



On 4-7 of August 2009 a exploration action took place in Casa de Piatră, Arieşeni. Targeted were two springs that were forgoten in the last 20 years after they were first dived by Gabor Halasi at the beginning of the 80’s: Gura Apei and Coliba Ghiobului.

In Gura Apei some diggings were done, and also the cavity surveying, so the cave dimensions doubled since 1982 when the spring was first dived. In this moment it has a length of approximately 60m and it is 18 m deep.

At Coliba Ghiobului there was a single dive. The problem is that the narrow passage at -8m needs some digging since the rocks could block the return if they will collapse.

Participants: Rajka Géza, Gyurka Zsolt, Nagy Nimrod and Călin Drăgan

Călin Drăgan