Diving reel


This time I will present you a more complex project, a dive reel.

For a moderate reel we need a A4 sheet of polycarbonate (makrolon), 8mm thick. Out of this there will be cut 2 of each pieces in fig. 1 and 2.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

We also need 6 stainless steel threaded bars, of a diameter of 6mm – 4 with a length of 125mm, one of 135mm and one of 50mm; 4 pieces of aluminum or stainless steel 8mm pipe and a wall thickness of 1mm, out of which 4 with a length of 95mm and one of 35mm; a 60mm piece of aluminum pipe with a diameter of 15mm. The crank will be built by using an aluminum bar of the same dimensions like the one used in handle, with a length of 70mm.

Fig. 3

For the handle we need a piece of aluminum bar, 20mm wide and 4 mm thick, with a length of 330mm and two stainless steel clips for 6mm cable (fig. 4). The folded segments have a inner length of about 90mm each. For the fastening we will also need 13 self blocking stainless steel nuts, 4 wide shavers, 1 mm tick, also made of stainless steel, and two crested washers, all of them for a diameter of 6mm. At least, a 3mm screw and 3 nuts are completing the list.

Fig. 4

We start with the drum. For that we screw on the long threaded bar a nut and a wide washer, and then we insert the first disk. From the nut to the bar margin we will let a distance of 16mm. After the insertion of the disk we will roll on the bar some duct tape, which will ensure the alignment of the 15mm pipe (fig. 5). We are placing on the bar the pipe, and after that we could insert the second disk, and everything will be fastened using another wide washer and a nut. For line fixing we will place in one of the disks the 3mm screw.

Fig. 5

Now we are preparing the lateral panels, on which in the center 8mm holes we will place by pressure some bearings made of some small pieces of 8mm pipes. Then we will fix the 4 equal threaded bars and the 4 pipes (fig. 6).

Fig. 6

Then we will insert the drum (between the drum and the lateral panels we will place another 2 wide washers), followed by the fix of the second lateral panel. We will fix the crank, with self blocking nuts and the crested washers, and then the crank handle, realized using the small threaded bar and the small 8mm pipe.

Finally, we fix the handle using the two clips (fig. 7, 8).

Fig. 7

Fig. 8

Building time: 3-4 hours.

Călin Drăgan