Search in Tarniţa


At 15/04/2009 a team of divers formed by Rajka Géza, Nagy Nimrod and Călin Drăgan performed a search operation in lake of the Tarniţa dam (Cluj county), the purpose being finding 4 boat anchoring points placed in front of the beach 1.

We found 2 of the 4 points supposed to be placed there, and that because of the errors in describing the targets. More precisely, at the beginning of the search operation it was known that the anchoring points were mounted at the root of some trees that were cut during the dam construction. The 2 points found corresponded to the description. It seems like the other two were placed directly on ground, so the possibility to have been missed or covered by a thin layer of silt is very high. Unfortunately this information arrived after 5 hours of searching, after the operation was aborted due to the team physical resources exhausting.

The visibility underwater was of 0m to 2m, and the water temperature at 9-10m deep was of about 5˚C.

Călin Drăgan