Crane in the water!


As result of the devastating thunderstorm that hit the Tileagd village (Bihor county), one of the cranes that deserved the No. 2 dam on Criş felt in the reservoir. It seems like the strong wind produced the crane movement and it derailed from the railway on which it was placed, destroying the left side fence and jumping into the lake.

Due to the weight of the machine, a inspection on the dam was necessary in order to notice the possible damages on the concrete structure.

Saturday, 27’th of June 2009, Rajka Géza and Călin Drăgan went on location. During the inspection dive in the murky water of the lake (maximum sight was of about 1.5 m) there were no fractures or penetrations observed in the concrete pavement on which the crane landed.

At the moment the wreck lies on the inclined concrete pavement, on depths between 0.5 at the base and approximately 6 m on top. The crane area was marked with floats, and during the week 29’th of June-3’th of July it will be lifted from the water. A divers team lead by Rajka Géza will perform the required underwater operations.

Călin Drăgan