The Aqualung Legend Glacia second stage


This second stage, made by Aqualung, is dedicated to cold water usage (which doesn’t mean that is not equally good for warm water).

The metal is used extensively in it’s body, so the thermal transfer is very good. The front cover, made out from aluminum, is easy to unscrew, even underwater, which make this second stage very easy to clean and keep in good functional order.

To prevent freezing, the hose has heat sinks, on on the middle, and one near the stage.

I’m using it mounted on a Scubapro MK 17 first stage, and it gives me an easy and effortless breathing. The performance is enhanced by the Venturi assist control which permits sensitivity adjustment.

What’s somehow unpleasant when entering the water is that it’s performance makes the stage very sensitive. So the free flowing, followed by massive air loss, is very likely if the mouthpiece stays in upright position and the stage is not completely submerged. Underwater i never had any problem with it, and in pair with the MK17 it is my favorite regulator.

Călin Drăgan