Noutăţile lunii septembrie


During the cave diving campaign conducted by the “Speosub” team, consisting of Gyurka Zsolt, Kéri László, Călin Drăgan, Rajka Géza, from July to September 2011, the exploration continued in several karst objectives.

Notable results were obtained in the Ţurii cave, where by overcoming several severe restrictions was reached the depth of -33 meters. Also, on the flooded areas of the
Izbândiş cave the explorations continued in the gallery located at a depth of -22 meters.

Soon we will come back with details.

Rajka Géza, Gyurka Zsolt, Kéri Lászlo, Călin Drăgan

Rajka Géza

Photo: Rajka Géza, Călin Drăgan